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Champagne Bottle Cigar Holder


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Dimensions:W: 7.5cm (3")H: 28cm (11")D: 7.5cm (3")

American 1920s

A silver plated, American 1920s, cigar holder in the shape of a Champagne bottle.
Well patinated silver plate. Very Gatsby-esque! 
Wonderful detail to the top, with an engraved tobacco leaf. 
Match striker on the reverse body. 
The base is marked Pairpoint MFG CO, New Bedfortshire, Quadruple Plate. 
Stamped 1921. 
The top unscrews to reveal a small compartment for holding matches. The base unscrews to be used as an ashtray. The middle of the bottle unscrews to allow filling or removal of cigars.