Maison Baguès Table Lamp

Maison Baguès Table Lamp

Code: TBC


W: 15cm (5.9")H: 58cm (22.8")


Gorgeous single table lamp, this piece has a beautiful naturalistic design. Fantastic quality design and manufacture. 

The height to the fitting is 58cm, to the top of the shade is 75cm. The base of the lamp has the diameter of 15cm. 

Rewired using rope twisted silk flex.

Pictured with a bespoke silk shade, which is sold separately. We will be delighted to supply you with this shade, or one of your choice from a selection of styles and fabrics. 


Since the 1860s, the renowned French luxury lighting atelier Maison Baguès has been producing pieces that are highly valued across the world, from Rome to New York. Each piece is hand assembled using traditional techniques, resulting in beautifully detailed artisanal works. In 1928, custom Maison Baguès pieces decorated the townhouse of French fashion designer Jeanne Lanvin. In London and Paris, Baguès pieces have been used to decorate the interiors of luxury hotels, from Paris’s George V to London’s Savoy.