Golf Table Lamp, British 1950s

Golf Table Lamp, British 1950s

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W: 15cm (5.9")H: 38cm (15")D: 15cm (5.9")Di: 35cm (13.8")


Made by Ferguson Sports Lamps in the 1950s, this lamp has it all - the base is the green, while the golf umbrella is supported by the club - all finished off with a ball. 

We've had it rewired using rope twisted silk flex. The original on/off switch is retained, however, the light is turned on and off inside the umbrella.

We've replaced the felt underneath, but kept the original label - take a look at the picture. 

The base is 15cm by 15cm and the full depth of the lamp is 47cm. 

This is a great gift for a golf player!