Cornish Serpentine 1930s Lighthouse Table Lamp

Cornish Serpentine 1930s Lighthouse Table Lamp

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W: 26cm (10.2")H: 64cm (25.2")D: 30cm (11.8")


These table lamps are iconic Cornish antiques. Hand crafted from the local Serpentine stone near The Lizard - the extraction of this rock is now very limited and only small items are now made. 

Please take a look at all our pictures to see the detail in the rock. The lamp is very heavy and note the life like rough rock in comparison with the smooth, polished stone used for the house itself. It's rare to find them with the lighthouse tops.

The top lifts off for easy bulb replacement. Please use an LED bulb to avoid the cover getting too hot. The lamp has been rewired with rope twisted antique style flex for the UK. We can change this for any destination - please get in touch for more information. 

A decorative table lamp for any room - especially with a nautical feel! 

Classic, British antique from the beautiful south west coast of England.