Napoleon Bonaparte Bust

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Dimensions:W: 45cm (17.7")H: 51cm (20.1")D: 28cm (11")


Italian Early C19th

Life size Carrara marble portrait bust of Napoleon Bonaparte, depicting him in the 1790s.  

Possibly from the Studio of Antonio Canova.  
Signed with initials "A C " incised into the rear at the base.

Fine textured micro-pitting on the flat surfaces of the marble are consonant with the effect of natural atmospheric erosion seen on sculpture from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.   

He kept plaster casts so his assistants could make replicas of works for patrons. He was the most celebrated exponent of neo-classical style. 
He became so successful that he had acquired patrons from across Europe including France, England, Russia, Poland, Austria and Holland, as well as several members from different royal lineages, and prominent individuals. Among his patrons were Napoleon and  his family, for whom Canova produced much work, including several depictions between 1803 and 1809. 

After Canova's death in 1822 his many assistants are known to have completed unfinished works.  

Professional cleaning and restoration to tips of the bicorn hat and the collar,  have been carried out by an accomplished fine art  restorer in London, Imogen Paine, replacing and matching-in  these small elements.

Napoleon Bonaparte Bust