Jean Pons 1913-2005

Jean Pons 1913-2005

Code: PIC10171798


W: 79.5cm (31.3")H: 80.5cm (31.7")D: 4cm (1.6")


'Untitled' 1956

A framed abstract piece of work by French painter Jean Pons. 

Jean created his own pieces in an expressionist style. Later on, he started working on classic subjects like dead nature, landscapes and portraits. In the late 30s he turned towards abstraction and practiced different techniques including collage and mixed techniques. But this period lasted only a short time and under the influence od the New Figuration movement, he took a figurative style. He kept his predilection for bright colours although his choice of colours softened gradually. Throughout his career, he had been in constant contact with artists from all the great movements of the 20th century: Geomatric Abstraction, New School of Paris, Lyrical Abstraction, Cobra, and many others.